Best Drones for Sale under $100

The increasing crave for quality visual media captured from aerial perspective has made drones to quickly become an essential commodity in our society. This has now resulted to the supply of so many different designs of the product to the market.

Here, we have selected a few good quality but low budget drones for beginners, kids and fun users. They should be checked out before your first purchase.

  1. Force1 U28W

The U28W comes at a price just lower than our focus budget, it has a 5 minutes flight time with its very small design, and it comes with two batteries that can be changed to continue usage. It has a Takeoff and Landing features that can be activated with a One Touch button.

There is a 720p High Definition resolution camera on this affordable device, and it can cover good videos with enjoyable memories from the aerial perspective. This model is great for improving flight skills and professional experience.

  1. Hubsan X4 mini

This quadcopter is becoming very popular for drones below the $100 price range; it costs something around $45. It has a size that can sit comfortably on your palm, have only a little weight of about 1.3 pounds. The battery gives it about 5 to 7 minutes flight time when charged fully for around 15 minutes.

Users can fly this drone indoors and outdoors as it is safe to handle; there is a 6 axis gyro precision stability feature that makes flight controls easy on the Hubsan X4. The controller uses a 2.4GHz, 4 channel remote that can hold connection over a fair distance and you will most definitely enjoy the camera on this drone.

  1. Ryze Tello

Tello is a toy drone that uses an app called Scratch as its controller on a smartphone or PC. It has a flight time of about 13 minutes, and the controls begin to loose connection beyond 100 meters.

The camera on this device features a 5 mega pixel photo resolution and a 720p video resolution which should capture good memories. It is a great toy gift, and can be uses for flight trainings.

  1. Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3

The Syma X5SW-V3 is a product from Cheerwing in USA, and it is a drone with very stable six-axis gyro controls during flights. It can be controlled using the Android or iOS 9 devices, and the view on the camera is streamed real-time to the first-person view (FPV) on the device.

It is capable of performing a complete swirl of 360 degrees in air without losing control. The flight time and speed are fairly durable for its price, and it will serve the user for training and fun flights

  1. Blade Nano QX

This quadcopter is packed with a credible flight motors that have plug in connections that can be easily fitted if one rotor is displaced. It is a popular beginner drone with its user-friendly characteristics; and good flight functions.

The Blade Nano QX is a close rival of the Hubsan X4 in features, but it is more expensive than the X4 with a price of about $80. You may want to go for this option as you will eventually notice that it serves more value than what is on the price tag.

You would have just given a kid or friend a view from the sky, if you consider buying one of the drones on this list for the person. They are all great for practice and fun flying; and you will not regret a thing if you have any of these two things as your interest.